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Recruitment Solutions for all.

GU is targeting exclusively the Omani job market and more specifically the sectors that have openings for highly qualified Omani & expatriates. Oman is, besides a lovely country to live in, a continuously growing market with increasing demands in highly qualified workforce. Our Clients are private and government Omani companies/ agencies that are looking for highly qualified and specialized personnel from abroad or from Oman itself. Our Candidates are highly qualified and experienced professionals looking for challenging positions in Oman, where they can expand their capacities and offer their talent. Our processes are very fast, simple, straight forward and based on good communication, high morals and professionalism.

Green Umbrella Recruitment is aiming at improving the work force by matching and delivering highly quality professionals to companies in a professional, transparent and efficient manner.
Function more within the capacity of a partner than be limited to the detached role of a recruiting firm.
Making Dreams And Aspirations Come True

Nurse by Profession, Entrepreneur by passion!

Helping supporting organisations to find the right talent and helping people in their career path. career guidance and employability skills advisor.

Worked in a government medical sector for 10 years,  she decided to pursue what she is best at, being productive and creative, through helping the growth of people and markets.

Maryam Al Shabibi

Founder & CEO

Founded Blue Umbrella LLC in 2010, specializing in Business Agencies. Later, in 2014, she founded Green Umbrella Recruitment, specializing in Recruitment Services, locally and internationally. 

Later she expanded the HR business to Green Umbrella Business Development LLC (GUBD) in 2017, which is specialized in Business Development and HR Consultancy including Outsourcing services.

Meet our experts

Team behind Green Umbrella Recruitment LLC

Farha AlShukaili

Chief Operation Officer

Khoula Al Riyami

Admin & HR Manager

Atefe Pasha

Recruitment Specialist

Rohit Doshi

Finance Manager

Nader Al Toubi

IT & Sales Specialist

Shamsa Al Oumeri

Executive Assistant

Ali Al Balushi

Public Relations Officer